Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om


Posted by Hariprasad on December 11, 2008

|| Om Sri Vishvaya Namaha Om ||

yogo yogavidamneta pradhanapurusheshvaraha |

narasimhavapuh sriman keshavah purushottamaha || 3 ||


Pronunciation guide:

yogO-yogavidaam-netaa-pradhaana-purushEshwaraha |

naarasimha-vapuh-sreemaan-kEshavah-purushOttamaha ||

Name: Purushottamaha



pu (as in put), ru (as in rule), sho (as in shore), tta, ma (as in marginal), ha (as in hard)


One who is above all (kshara and akshara) purushas.


In this word, ‘Purusha’ stands for dependent beings. Those who will eventually lose their body are known as Ksharas and those who never lose their body are Aksharas. Amongst Ksharas, Brahma is the highest and amongst Aksharas, Lakshmi is the only one. Vishnu is over and above both these category of beings. Hence is ‘uttama’ amongst ‘purusha’s and hence Purushottama.

This particular interpretation of ‘purusha’ comes from “puri shete” which means ‘that which resides in a body’. But this definition does not hold good for non-humans as the realization of the existence of paramatma in themselves is an important criterion.


Om Purushottamaaya Namaha Om


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