Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om


Posted by Hariprasad on December 11, 2008

|| Om Sri Vishvaya Namaha Om ||

putatma paramatma cha muktanaamparamaagatihi |

avyaya purusha saakshi kshetragnokshara eva cha || 2 ||


Pronunciation guide:

pootaathmaa-paramaatmaa-cha-muktaanaam-paramaagathihi |

avyaya-purusha-saakshi-kshetragnookshara-eva-cha ||

Name: Sakshee



saa  (as in saw), k, shee (as in she)


One who sees everything directly


Sakshi in common parlance means ‘evidence’ which can come only if someone has “seen” the event.  HE can see everything in the Universe even in the presence of obstacles such as nature, time, place etc. HE can see the fruits of one’s karma. HE can see what happens tomorrow and what has occured yesterday. Hence, Vishnu is known as Sakshi.


Om Saakshine Namaha Om


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