Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om


Posted by Hariprasad on December 31, 2008

|| Om Sri Vishvaya Namaha Om ||

eshanah pranadah prano jyeshtah shreshtah prajapatihi |

hiranyagarbho bhugarbho madhavo madhusudanaha || 8 ||


Pronunciation guide:

eeshaanah-praanadah-praanO-jyeshtah-shreshtah-prajaapatihi |

hiranya-garbhO-bhoo-garbhO-maadhavO-madhusoodanaha ||

Name: Madhusudanaha



ma (ma in mars), dhu, soo (su in super), da (the), na (na in nah), ha (hu in hurt)


(1) One who breaks pots and spills milk

(2) One who prepares our happiness and feeds it to us


‘Madhu’ also means ‘milk’. ‘Soodana’ means spilling. So, Madhusudana can be understood as another name of Krishna as HE used to break pots in Gokula and spill all the milk. “Madhu Ksheeram Soodayati Naashayati” iti Madhusudana.

Another meaning for this name comes from interpreting Madhu as our happiness. Vishnu transforms our inner (dormant) happiness and makes us enjoy the same. HE prepares our happiness and feeds it to us. Hence, HE is Madhusudana.

Of course, the most commonly understood meaning of this name is that Vishnu is the killer of the demon Madhu.


Om Madhusoodanaaya Namaha Om


One Response to “Madhusudana”

  1. Anjana Kumble said

    Respected one, as I know, “MADHU” means “Honey” isn’t it??

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