Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om

Sarvashastrabhrutam Vara

Posted by Hariprasad on July 27, 2009

|| Om Sri Vishvaya Namaha Om ||

tejovrusho dyutidharah sarvashastrabhrutam varaha |

pragraho nigraho vyagro naikashrungo gadagrajaha || 81 ||


Pronunciation guide:

tEjOvrushO dyutidharah sarvashastrabhrutaam varaha |

pragrahO nigrahO vyagrO naikashrungO gadaagrajaha ||

Name: Sarvashastrabhrutaam varaha



sar (ser in serve), va (va in vase), shas (sh as sh in shut, sh-us), tra (t as th in third), bhru (bh, ru as rew in brew), taam (t as th in third), va, ra (ru in run), ha (hu in hut)


One who is the final destination for heavily and well armed evil people possessing all weapons



Om  Sarvashastrabhrutaam Varaaya Namaha Om


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