Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om


Posted by Hariprasad on August 3, 2009

|| Om Sri Vishvaya Namaha Om ||

suvarnabindurakshobhyah sarvavageeshwaraha |

mahahrado mahagarto mahabhuto mahanidhihi || 86 ||


Pronunciation guide:

suvarna-bindu-rakshobhyah sarva-vaageesh-waresh-varaha|

mahaa-hradO-mahaa-gartO-mahaa-bhutO-mahaa-nidhihi ||

Name: Suvarnabinduhu



su (su in sue), var (ver in verse), na, bin (n as kn in knot), du (d as th in the), hu (who)


One whose nature, and only a miniscule amount of it,  can be described by the large body of texts called Vedas



Om Suvarnabindave Namaha Om

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