Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om


Posted by Hariprasad on May 11, 2010

|| Om Sri Vishvaya Namaha Om ||

aroudrah kundalee chakree vikramyurjitashasanaha |

shabdatigah shabdasahah shishirah sharvarikaraha || 97 ||


Pronunciation guide:

a-rou-drah-kuN-dalee-chakree-vikra-myoor-jita-shaasa-naha |

shabdaa-tigah-shabda-sahah-shishirah-sharva-ree-karaha ||

Name: Shabdatigaha



shab (shub). daa (d as th in the), ti (t as th in thank), ga (gu in gut), ha (hu in hut)


One who cannot be completely described by words



Om Shabdaatigaaya Namaha Om


One Response to “Shabdatiga”

  1. Mak said

    Wonderful blog!!! appreciate your efforts.
    Two suggestions
    1) can you also have the ‘Devanagari’ script. I guess, if one is from India one need not go through the grind of pronunciation guide if the letters are in ‘devanagari’.
    2) Can you have the entomology of the name included…That will make any other repetition of the same root word easy to grasp and connect.

    Ram Ram

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