Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Om Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Om

The Namas

Welcome to the Vishnu Sahasranama Portal. You may want to read the “About” page to know what this site is intended for. For downloads and links, view the “Resources” page. If you want to know a name and details about it, click one of the links below or click the “Random post” link on the right. Information on how to chant the Vishnu Sahasra Nama correctly is in the “Chanting the Namas” page.

|| Om Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Om ||

List of names in the Vishnu Sahasra Nama. Click on the relevant page for the names.

Single page listing of all names – in Alphabetical order

24 Responses to “The Namas”

  1. Arun Kumar said

    Excellent Hari. Impressed!!!

  2. Hariprasad said

    Thanks a lot Arun!

  3. A said

    Hi Hari

    Thanks a lot for the effort and the work. I had been looking for this ..

  4. Harshala said

    Hello Hari..
    Its an excellent job !
    I have been trying to do the same and see how many names I can collect for each name of VS from Madhwa perspective Only though..In the effort I had collected a series of posting on Dvaita list by A.R.Racmachandra…
    I thought I will share it with you..

  5. Hariprasad said

    Namaskara Harshala,

    I had a look at the document. Its an excellent collection. Once I complete the initial work, would it be ok if I borrowed content from that document and included it in the portal?

    Regards, Hari

  6. harshala said

    If you could please reply on my email.. I will pass on the info to you. I guess people are ok as long as you mention the original author and website.

    Its a great work you are doing ! All the best… Someday we might collect all the hundred meanings of each name as told by SrimaMadhwacharya.

  7. Guruprasad said

    Excellent work Hari.

  8. Hariprasad said

    Thanks Guru!

  9. Roopa said

    this is excellent
    I can understand the meaning of each nama of Vishnu

  10. nalini said

    very good and informative

  11. Bharata said


    Nice work. One observation though – Usage of devanagari script would have helped immensely. I know you have keys for pronouncing, but nothing like having the devanagari script itself.

  12. srinivasan ramarao said

    excellent. sri Adhamaru swamigalu has given pravachana ( lecture)on vishnu sahasranama giving the back ground for each namaas ( Names). If one hears with this list one can realise the glory of the Lord Hari.It has come in CD for all the 1000 names.

  13. prahlad said

    Thanks a lot for efforts on this work and
    very useful to all madhwas

  14. I just came across your site and find it very well organized. I admire your interest and passion to write about VSN. I did not get a chance to go through the whole list of the names, but I am sure I will do that shortly. But I just wanted to drop in a note of appreciation for what you are doing. Going by some of the comments, is all the commentary and meanings strictly based on dwaita philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya?

    I am traveling along the same path as you are. I have been chanting VSN for a few years now and I could help but start writing my thoughts down myself. In the process I started writing a series on VSN on my blog at:

    Appreciate if you drop by and provide your valuable feedback.

  15. Ravi said

    Excellent work, no words. You will be blessed with Sri HariVayugalu. Pls continue this work for the benefits of unknowns in this world to read a glance and understand about Sri Hari.

  16. Namaste! very jam packed with information and one can really learn a lot by reading your article. keep up the good work!

  17. shanti said

    Hello…very good information. Recently I came across that each name will give different relief.For eg chanting of one name cures illness…another name give relief from mental problem..etc..does anyone know about this??if yes please pass me the information.

  18. Hi Hari,
    Superb…Very good really Informative..

  19. Naina said

    Thank you so much. It’s a great website. I have passed it onto my parents.

  20. ravin said

    Hari, your efforts are appreciated !!!

  21. suresh said

    great work hari avare

  22. Srinivas said

    Thank you, Hari. Found this website from your Twitter timeline recently.
    I took the liberty of creating an Excel version. I wanted to create a simple FlashCard format to learn the meanings. Thought others may find it useful as well.

  23. Hariprasad said

    namaste – thank you so much for putting this doc together!

  24. harman said

    “Great Work, as reciting the vishnu sahasranamam helps in getting corage and positive energy, The Blog list complete list of lyrics along with the meaning. As it was helpful for great vishnu devotees like me to know the meaning and recite daily. Know more about the meaning of the slokha visit:

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